About Me

Let's Get Inspired!

My name is Connie Udby.  I am 56 years old, & live in Las Vegas with Keith & our 3 cats.  After many years as a pet groomer, I am slowing down a bit with that & starting this new venture.  A place to share ideas, what inspires me, but also frustrations, so we can help each other.  My frustrations?  Weight management, which has been a lifelong challenge.  Getting this website set up!  The aging process.  There’s more, of course!  You will find lots of recipes, eventually.  Some healthy, & some not so healthy.  Favorite workouts & Yoga on YouTube.  Favorite travel destinations.  Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.  If it inspires you, chances are it will inspire others too, so I am hoping you will share!  Come back soon, as this is a HUGE work in progress.  

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